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New shopping cart from Web 2 Market: Turnkey Shopping Cart for Auto Parts
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Web 2 Market, Inc., is an Illinois-based company that specializes in shopping cart development and eCommerce solutions. We have worked with Magento for 5 years, and recently we decided to expand that relationship. We now develop websites, add-ons, and solutions for both AbleCommerce and Magento clients.

Here is a description of our latest Magento product:

If you sell auto parts and have been looking for a way to make an efficient and attractive website for your inventory, then Web 2 Market’s new Turnkey Web Shopping Cart is what you need.

Developed with help from W2M client Vertical Development, this revolutionary tool allows you to create a brand new Magento site complete with your inventory, and it gives your customers the ability to search by make, year, model, manufacturer, and more. You can also integrate in-depth descriptions and detailed photos of your products to make sure that your customers are fully informed.

For other details and pricing information, visit Web 2 Market’s Magento Commerce site.

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