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Cant import products from default csv
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Joined:  2013-05-02

I’m making fresh installation of Magento with the product samples included. Then I’m trying the export/import function by doing this:

Export all Products to CSV file om my desktop (Win7, PC)
System - Import/Export - Export (Entity Type=Products, Export File Format=CSV) - Continue - Saving file on Desktop - Done

Importing the same file to Magento
System - Import/Export - Import - (Entity Type=Products, Import behavior=Append Complex Data) - Select file - Check data

The most simple test of the export/import function I believed. But I get this error;

Product type is not supported in rows: 325, 332, 334, 336
Orphan rows that will be skipped due default row errors in rows: 326, 327, 333, 335

Question 1
Whats wrong here?

Question 2
What are the required attributes for the most simple import?

Question 3
If I only put values in all of the required fields in the CSV file, should also the rest of the magento attributes (column names) be present in the CSV file?

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