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Help on payment module conception
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Joined:  2013-04-01

Hello everyone.

I have to develop a magento module which provides a new payment method.

Actually, i need to record the cart when the customer clicks on “Confirm order” (as if it is Check / Money order) with a pending status, and then display a waiting screen. The module will wait for a callback, a POST request, and then records the cart with a payment done status.

For example, imagine you want to pay your cart with that payment method. By choosing it, it will display a special number to call. You take your phone and call that number. [Here the module will receive the POST request] The module shows you that the payment is done.

My question is : do you have clues for that development ?

- I was thinking rewriting the checkout one page. I could add an invisible step, behind Confirm order, which would contain the phone number and which would appear depending on the selected payment method. I would change the javascript (or maybe overriding the controller) in order to not arrive on the success page while clicking on Confirm order.
BUT, by doing this, i have to use the rewrite in the config.xml. And i’m afraid that an other module also use this rewrite (my module will be shared on several websites).

- I was also thinking rewriting the success page. BUT, once again the rewriting seems to be dangerous, and it can be a problem if the website admin has already changed that page.

- I have discovered events/observer, but i wonder if they are really useful in my case. I mean, if i use them, i would listen the Confirm order and then redirect on a special page with the phone number, or whatever.

I’m a bit lost, if you can help that would be great.

Thank you !

PS : I’m new on magento, so don’t go deep in details too quickly please

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