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Magento Forum and One Page Checkout - Successful transaction, prototype response.success = false? 
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Hi all

I’ve been trying to solve this problem and I’ve at least figured out what happens so I can pinpoint some things and hopefully someone will have some insight on this.

When attempting to pass a live transaction through one page checkout to, the bare minimum information posts to the gateway (Credit Card number, expiration date, amount) and a successful transaction code (response code 1, response text ‘This Transaction Has Been Approved’) is displayed in a modal box by opcheckout.js.  The code where this occurs is listed below

nextStep: function(transport){
if (transport && transport.responseText{
eval('(' transport.responseText ')');
catch (e) {
if (response.success) {
.l ocation=this.successUrl;
var msg response.error_messages;
                if (

What you can see is that the only way I would be able to get an alert box is if the repsonse object doesn’t not have it’s property “success” set to true on the postback response.  As a result, the response returns my successful transaction text and displays it via the alert(msg); function.  As a result, we do not execute window.l ocation.successurl as with any other payment method.

My question is why would a successful response from not translate to a success = true value in the response object?  I’m looking to see how this works so I can correct this issue.

Firebug Information
- FYI, checked for a 302 redirect in the repsonse headers and nothing showed up

//The response for saveOrder is 
{"error":true,"success":false,"error_messages":"\"This transaction has been approved.\""}



P.S. sorry for the wonky window.l ocation thing, it is because javascript commands are replaced with [removed] for security in this forum ;/

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