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Lib_Js_Prototype and Lib_LinLibertineFont Missing from new install
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I am following the instructions posted by John in to migrate my data from MyISAM to InnoDB while retaining foreign key contraints and the like that will not be created if i simply use ALTER TABLE

I installed a clean version of via SSH with a new database using InnoDB tables. When i was merging the old data i came across tables created by extensions so i decided to add those extensions in to the clean version first.

Comparing the Magento Connect Managers between the two versions i noticed that Lib_Js_Prototype and Lib_LinLibertineFont are missing from the new install.

Prototype etc are being loaded though so im wondering whether they were merged into Lib_Js_Mage in 1.2 (the old store was upgraded from 1.8)

Is this the case?
Are these packages missing going to be a problem?

I have done a magento-core/Mage_All_Latest from Magento Connect and through pear and it says everything is fine

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