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Nginx with Varnish. Default.vcl question
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Joined:  2011-01-27


Hope some experts can help me here. My store is flying with the default varish config file. Really really fast but doens\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’t work correctly if you add products to the cart. When a products is added and you change page the cart is empty again.

Now I have added the default_3.0.vcl from the Phoenix varnish module, now the problems are solved with the cart caching but it\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’s very slow again. If looks like he is still caching as I see the X debug headers when loading the page.


Both files are attached, hope somebody can help me

File Attachments
default_3.0.txt  (File Size: 7KB - Downloads: 190)
default.txt  (File Size: 6KB - Downloads: 57)
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