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Lyoness Integration of pixel
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I am looking for help with integrating Lyoness, a customer rewards system into a Magento Community si

Clients from Lyoness will click a link from the site to the supplier site where a pixel (that needs to be setup with the supplied code and specific Magento variables) will trigger a notification to the Lyoness server and depending on the item purchased, the Lyoness server will provide that user with benefits / a discount.

Currently a pixel has been set up but the variables are not working with the below code:

For success.phtml:


// Your organization ID; provided by Lyoness
$organization = \"XXXXX\";

// Your checksum code; provided by Lyoness
$checksumCode = \"XXXXXX\";

// Value of the sale; sale specific value has to
// be assigned dynamically out of the shop database
$orderValue = \"{{var total}}\";

// Currency of the sale.
// For example \"USD\" for US $, or \"EUR\" for Euro
$currency = \"AUD\";

// Event ID; provided by Lyoness
$event = \"XXXX\";

// Event type:
// in most cases $isSale should be left as \"true\" unless
// you arranged a lead commission with Lyoness
// true = Sale
// false = Lead
$isSale = true;

// Encrypted connection on this page:
// true = Yes (https)
// false = No (http)
$isSecure = true;

// Here you must specify a unique identifier for the transaction.
// You should assign your internal shop order number dynamically
// out of your shop database
$orderNumber = \"{{var order.increment_id}}\";

// If you do not use the built-in session functionality in PHP, modify
// the following expressions to work with your session handling routines.
$tduid = \"\";
if (!empty($_SESSION[\"TRADEDOUBLER\"]))

// OPTIONAL: You may transmit a list of items ordered in the reportInfo
// parameter. See the chapter reportInfo for details.
$reportInfo = \"\"; $reportInfo = urlencode($reportInfo);
/***** IMPORTANT: *****/
/***** In most cases, you should not edit anything below this line. *****/
if (!empty($_COOKIE[\"TRADEDOUBLER\"]))
$tduid = $_COOKIE[\"TRADEDOUBLER\"];
if ($isSale)
$domain = \"\";
$checkNumberName = \"orderNumber\";
$domain = \"\";
$checkNumberName = \"leadNumber\";
$orderValue = \"1\";
$checksum = \"v04\" . md5($checksumCode . $orderNumber . $orderValue);
if ($isSecure) $scheme = \"https\";
else $scheme = \"http\";
$trackBackUrl = $scheme . \"://\" . $domain . \"/report\"
. \"?organization=\" . $organization
. \"&event;=\" . $event
. \"&\" . $checkNumberName . \"=\" . $orderNumber
. \"&checksum;=\" . $checksum
. \"&tduid;=\" . $tduid
. \"&reportInfo;=\" . $reportInfo;
if ($isSale)
.= \"&orderValue;=\" .$orderValue
.= \"&currency;=\" .$currency;
echo \"<img src=\\\"\" . $trackBackUrl . \"\\\" alt=\\\"\\\" style=\\\"border: none\\\" />\";

Obviously I\’m doing something wrong with the variables above.  Could someone please let me know what?

Lyoness is not getting the actual information that is needed.  The output from their system is below:;=280323&orderNumber;={{var&#x0;o;rder.increment_id}}&checksum;=v04168ef81cb15baaec5a28d90d33290bf5&tduid;=a31b38f809dbeaa023fd55a0b0186f1e&reportInfo;=&orderValue;={{var%20total}}¤cy=AUD

Any help with this would be appreciated.  It\’s not printing out the variables from Mage with any value.  Thanks in advance.

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