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Multiple Shipping disappears when more than one item added…
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Will only show “Multiple Address” link with ONE item in cart.

I added an item to my cart - went to check out - saw “Multiple Address” link.  I added a second of SAME item to cart (to have something to send to separate addresses) - went to check out and “Multiple Address” link is now gone.  I delete the second item and the link is back.

Any ideas?





1.  You can set the MAXIMUM number of items a shopper can have and select MULTIPLE SHIPPING ADDRESSES.  Mine is set to “100”.

2.  I sell flower pens—pens with a flower attached to the top smile
3.  I have an item with “tiered” pricing that gives a discount according to how many they buy
4. I placed an order for “75” single flower pens, meaning I had ONE item in my cart - upon checkout - I WAS able to select Multiple address as my 100 is not yet reached.
5. I then went and order ANOTHER “75” singles, which left me with TWO items of my cart, each having a quantity of 75 for a total of “150”, exceeding my “100”.

That, I understand… That’s why the “Multiple Address” link disappeared upon checkout…

But here’s what I found.  When I only have ONE item with “75” quantity, I clicked “Multiple Address” link and it was asking me for 75 different addresses to send ONE pen each to!!!  Big bugarooni!

Sooooo… the multiple address feature is not so good if a shopper wants to buy 75 pens and ship them to Dallas and 1 pen bouquet and ship it to Houston.

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