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Can I build raw html pages that contain “Add to Cart” buttons that direct a customer to a Magento shopping cart? 
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Hi guys,

Looking for some answers about whether I should choose Magento.

My current setup:
I have 12 e-commerce sites that use the Yahoo! merchant solutions shopping cart. (Blech!, I know.) These sites are already coded in raw html with a unique front-end design for each. All orders from these sites feed into a single shopping cart hosted by Yahoo!. Our client no longer wants to use Yahoo! and is interested in switching to a new cart backbone but wants to maintain the raw html code for each of the 12 sites.

Can Magento Do....
We’re interested in Magento but we’re curious if Magento will allow us to maintain the design and html code we have for these 12 sites but still allow us to feed orders into a Magento cart. I guess this could be done by allowing us to basically paste links or forms into the code of those 12 sites that would send a customer to a main Magento shopping cart when a he/she clicks an “Add to Cart” button. I guess the meat of what I’m asking is, do you need to use the Magento front-end in order to run a site through the Magento back-end?

To phrase it one more way, I understand Magento is hip to multi-store management, and thus I can create a single Magento “Website” with 12 “Stores” that feed into the single Website—and I may need to build my 12 stores that way—but I’m unclear if the “Store View” can be coded in raw html or do I need to use a Magento theme/Magento front-end.

Hopefully this makes sense. If you need more details in order to answer, just let me know!

Many thanks,

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