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Search Suggest Issues
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The issue I am noticing (on the official Magento front end demo) is that the search suggest feature is slow (very slow!) and inaccurate. 

Search suggest isn’t really a help to anyone if you can type quickly enough to outpace the feature.  This has been my experience with Magento.  I’ve even used search strings that I know it will recall correctly.  For instance in the Magento demo, sony, is a valid search suggest term.  It should suggest “sony ericsson”.  It eventually does, after I’ve typed Sony and waited 3-5 seconds for the suggest feature to finally appear.

This is contrast to the very quick search suggest feature employed over at  There is no doubt that Newegg has a tremendously larger product database than Magento’s sampled database. 

A comparison to Newegg’s search suggest also demonstrates their better implementation of this feature.  If you started typing “Intel Core” at Newegg it would present you with the full proper suggestions (proper suggestion “Intel Core 2 Duo").  You can also do an imcomplete search term, try just “Core”, and the Newegg search suggest will still suggest “Intel Core 2 Duo”. 

Magento’s search suggest is not structured that way.  Going back tot he Sony Ericsson example.  If we just try “ericsson” alone, the search suggest does not suggest anything.  This severely limits the functionality of this feature.

So my suggestion is to make it faster and more accurate/flexibile.

Other than that, Magento looks great and seems well thought out.  Keep it up.


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wbclassics - The way the suggest tool works is by displaying past searches that returned results and that match the string from the first part of the string. we are working on making the search a bit more efficient and hope that this will make the suggest tool a bit more responsive.

That said, I don’t think comparing Magento to Neweg’s search is a fare comparison. From what I know (and I might be wrong) Newegg is using some hosted/managed search solution that cost a few thousand of dollars a month. Magento is built in a way that will allow very easily to integrate with such solution if you are interested in that.



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