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managing the sale of bulk products with minimum weight. 
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Sorry about the cross posting...I don’t imagine that this is a terribly difficult thing for a good PHP programmer to integrate, so I’ll suggest that solving this business problem would make magento a better product.

I have a client that sells product in bulk and needs to display the product price with the minimum quantity (in this case 25 lbs) and the per pound price with an easy way to change those prices as his cost dictate.


Product A is sold in 25 lbs bags only and is priced at $4/lb.

The product presents better shown as $4/lb as opposed to $100 for a 25 lb bag.

“check out these cashews, they’re only $4/lb today!”

The product pricing changes based on season and other market conditions, they change relatively often.
The product is also available in 35 and 50 lb bags

In the current installation of creloaded, the pricing is displayed at $100 for a 25/lb bag and the per/lb price is stated next to the product description. The entire process is manual. They have 1000 items and managing this is becoming very time consuming and is highly exposed to mistakes.

In a perfect world, the ecommerce software would accept the import of an xls file that carries the calculations in the spreadsheet. Meaning, if the price changed to 4.25 the price would carry over and show that a 25/35/50/lb bags total price increased.

Any ideas on how Magento would be better? There are a few issues in play here…

1) Displaying “per pound” or “per case” next to the price.
2) Have a per pound or per case price change effect the product price across multiple attributes.

Solving this problem would open up so much business for us all. Taking Magento on as a solution for a b2b problem - can this happen?

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