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Magento Warehouse App
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We have built an extensive application for our clients warehouse requirements and this is now available to the market. It has been used to process more then 23,000 orders. 
All your orders are imported into Magento over API with live order stats.

Allocated Orders:

Items available in the warehouse are automatically allocated and an status update is sent to Magento where the order status changes from Processing to Allocated. Once shipped, it becomes completed.

Partially Allocated Orders

If an order has multiple items and any of the SKU or quantity is unavailable, the order will be set as Partially allocated and as soon as you scan the remaining quantity into the system with the use of a handheld barcode scanner, the order status will change to allocated.

Product Data

The system works with the Product Codes and EANs which in this model is imported through Magento from a feed and is saved into the system. Any new products on your magento will be added here to keep the record and any deleted products in here will remain unchanged.


By using a handheld scanner or by manually inputting the fields, you can scan the products into the system.


The history tab allows you to monitor the activity, export pdf of the invoice of what you have received in the warehouse.

Cloud Printing
When an order becomes allocated, you will get a print out from the printer. This works with Google Cloud Print. The printout will show you the location of the item, quantity, items ordered, status and can be your despatch note.

If anyone is interested to know more about the app, please send me a prv8 msg. In the document attached, you will find screens for the system.

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