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Working UK example
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Joined:  2008-05-30
London, UK


Apologies for late reply, have been snowed under!  Thanks for the heads up re firefox - seems like <br> wasn’t doing the trick.  I really should learn css/html…

I’ve been having fun around the VAT side, I think I have it sussed out now on my test site, though need to put it through some rigourous testing first.  It’s a bit fiddly with regard to shipping, but now seems to be calculating VAT on it.  I also had problems with VAT showing up when not logged in, but also resolved this. 

I’m only setting this website to ship to UK at present - I understand there are problems with VAT settings and sending abroad, which I am not going to tackle in the first release.

I’m sort of taking the “agile” approach to all of this - get something out there that works, then refine and improve afterwards. 

Also having problems re Protx, turns out I need to get a new internet merchant number as trading on the existing one with ePDQ.  There goes another 3 weeks!

Google Checkout - haven’t done anymore with it.  I’m hoping Magento release a patch to fix the bugs - otherwise I’m pulling it as soon as I get Protx sorted.


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