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Product with options of bundle products for inventory management
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I am relatively new to magento but am trying to setup a site to sell custom prints/framed canvas.
Ideally I was to utilise inventory for the frame sizes but offer a product with size options.
As an example I would have two main products for canvasses 18mm and 38mm frames.
Say 38mm frame (premium canvas would be the product) would have a selection of sizes say;
Each option would use 4 frame bars, 2 for each dimension so 30"x20" using 2x30” bars and 2x20” bars.
I have tried setting up a simple product for the individual bars say 20” and 30” and thought the best way would be to have a selection of bundles for the size options so a bundle product consisting of 2x30” and 2x20” and then to set this (along with the other size option bundles) as a config/option on the main product which would be the one visible to the customer however it seems you cannot use anything other than simple product for bundles/groups/configurable products.
I was hoping to do it this was as have maybe 20 size options with many sizes using the same bars (ie 20x16, 20x20 and 30x20) and while I will stock a fair qty of popular sizes will only have a small number of some and don’t want to get orders for sizes currently not available due to bars being out of stock.
Hope that makes seance and look forward to any advice anyone can offer as to a method/workaround or externtion which may help.

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