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Importing demo/test-shop to clean install? 
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After installing Magento from the installer I wanted to see what kind of possibilities there was, but it is kind of hard with no pre-made examples to guide your way and an empty front-page. I wasn’t even able get the shop to show the products and categories I made…

So is there a way to import/upload the configuration, products, categories, layout etc. from the test-shop, or will I have to reinstall the whole full-package? (and will that even solve the problem, or will I have to manually import a database as well?).

Thank you a great product. Looking forward to the 1.0 release grin


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Hi Frawanaz,

You need to upload the sample data.

On the download ( page there is also an option to download a sample data with instractions on how to install it.

“Sample Data
The sample data archive file is available in .zip (41 MB), .tar.gz (40 MB), and .tar.bz2 (37MB) formats to download (the files contain exactly the same content inside and are provided in different formats just for your convenience).

Each archive contains a SQL script that should be applied on a clean database with your database management tool (phpMyAdmin or whatever you use), and ‘media’ folder with sample product images that you should copy to your Magento media folder. You should then run the regular installation process as for a complete package. Please make sure that you have exactly the same version of Magento that the sample data is provided for – 0.8.16100.

Please also backup all your data and keep separately any custom changes on the files you did, because they may not be compatible with the sample data provided. “

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