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Advice - How best to setup dev server with view to upgrade from to 1.7
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I currently have a live site running 1.5.01 that I want to change the design of but keep all the same db info (users , sales, products, categories etc) . The design is going to take me some time so I want to do it on a local dev server running ubuntu / lamp .  Now i have been trying different ways of trying to get this setup but have had no success so far. I have tried :

1.installing magento 1.7 , then importing a DB dump (from the 1.5 install) using mysql command line into. This cause magento to error out and I cant seem to fix it
2. as above but by importing the tables first then trying to import a dump split into smaller files but I end up with foreign key errors do it that way via phpmyadmin

3. the last thing i just tried was to create the DB , import the 1.5 dump and then setup 1.7 and point it at that DB - again failed and gave endless errors.

I seem to remember when I upgraded my site last time I ended up having to make a second install of the SAME version , dumping out the live db , importing it into the new same version install and then upgrading that install. I did this on the public server rather than a local dev server though so ended up having a change of path to the install and I lost all my seo - something I would like to avoid this time round.

So I guess my questions are -

what is the best way of me getting a local install of magento 1.7 working with my local dev server with an imported sql dump of 1.5.01 live server.

Also, what would be the best way for me to set all this up so that I will have the least amount of problems when it comes to sending this live (ive been using same db name, dbusername and have setup my install path to be /var/www/ - my live setup redirectsto ) and avoiding damging my SEO

thanks for any advice and help - im just going to try installing the same version locally , importing the DB and if I can get that working then performing an upgrade

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Hello boliviab,

You can handle this issue with use of Cart2Cart. You can transfer your database (products, customers, orders, etc.) from one Magento version to another. So basically you will be able to move your store to a fresh 1.7 installation without transferring template files.

You can also migrate your URL structure. As a result, data migration won\’t effect your SEO. However, keep in mind, this is an additional option that will cost you some extra money.

You can check this article for some extra information about SEO URLs migration with Cart2Cart.

In case if you have any question please feel free to contact our Support Team via live chats or by submitting a ticket.

Cart2Cart Team.

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