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Unable to login with any user
Condom Girl
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2008-09-10

I am unable to login to the the magento backend. My site is up and working. I was able to login yesterday and today I can’t - not as any user. If I try and login as an invalid user then I get the “Access Denied” message, which means that it is accessing the database to check user name and password

I have tried loging in with a variety of browsers:

opera -mac
ff - mac
ff - PC
safari - mac

I have tried clearing my cache of cookies etc.

Any ideas? Anyone with the same problem?

I’m running on a Centos virtual server (Xen based [not really relevant, but interesting]).

:-( As mild panic sets in, I’m off to investigate - results to be posted here

Just tried this:
commenting out code for cookie checking - that didn’t work.

I’ve just resolved this - it was a server problem (I’m happy, but embarrassed to say), not a magento issue - one disk partition was full, which i assume stopped the session file from being written.

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