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Filters not showing !? 
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Hey, guys and girls.
Since few days ago, I have a BIG problem, on Mag., installed on my local machine.
As you can see in the attachment, I have some main categories and sub-categories. Let’s take for example Foto-Video main category, with it’s sub-categories Videoproiectoare, Camere digitale and Camere video. For each of these, I defined different attributes and different attribute sets, then selected New Product, Simple product and its attribute set, entered the desired values, and saved.
Now the problems:
1 - when I go to VIDEOPROIECTOARE I can see in the left the filters, such as Producator (manufacturer) and the other, BUT the most important - Price filter, is not showing. It has Position “1” in the backend, Filterable with results, Show, etc… all options activated.
2- if I select the other two categories Camere digitale or Camere video, there are no filters in the left column, although I am pretty sure I entered ok the attributes, attribute sets and product infos.

Please help me, I can’t figure it out I’m having a break… a nervous break smile

Thanks a lot.

oh, one more thing: if I select in the attribute “Filterable without resuls”, the filters do appear in the frontend, but don’t contain any of my products. Any ideas? What did I do wrong ?

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