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Unique store view for different store
Danny Staten
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2009-03-13

I have just finished setting up a seperate store.  It is actually a seperate web site, with a seperate store as the video walked me through setting up.  I have things worked out pretty well with one exception that I am trying to work out.

I want it to use the same themes, skins and everything else for both stores.  The trick is that one store sells only virtual products and will never have pictures.  So the view for that has been simplified and compacted.  The other store is only selling physical products and will likely have pictures. 

I would prefer to have the system choose a different phtml file for storeA and storeB.  It looks like I may be able to accomplish this by working with catalog.xml.  I would really appreciate any information you can share with me on this.

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