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System Configuration Dropdown-menus are empty
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Joined:  2013-03-15

Hello, i first apologize my bad English, i am a german bike retailer.
I want to show out of stock Bikes in the Shop, by default they disappear if the Stock go <1.
But when i try to change the value Admin -> System -> Configuration -> Stock options the Dropdownmenu is empty and shows no values.
There should be \"Yes\" and \"no\" to chose.  I hav this Problem on other Dropdown\’s too.
I hope someone can help me.
i found nothing with google and forum search.

thank\’s for the Help

I have Magento Community Version

I just realized that all the other dropdown-menus in the Config-area are empty too. I think its a bug ore something in a scriptfile, but witch File could it bee?

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