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API For Customer (Developer and Advice Required)
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Hi all!

I have a client who is running an e-commerce outfit using Magento. All is going well and they\’re looking to help a customer place orders in Magento via API, my client\’s customer has developers on site and their platform is bespoke. Currently my client\’s customer places an order and makes payment changing the delivery address to that of the end customer. In effect my client\’s customer has their own group of customers.
The problem with this is that my client\’s customer is having to enter data twice, once in their system and then in my clients Magento store as the delivery address. This has lead to some errors and it\’s generally not a very elegant solution.

Using Magento\’s API is it possible to do this all from my client\’s customer system? (The team at there end will be responsible for interfacing the solution with their system) I\’ll be honest, I\’m frontend only so this stuff is a little beyond me, however, I think this is how it will work:

Via API:
1) My client\’s customer creates a delivery address.
2) My client\’s customer places an order for products that need to be dispatched to that delivery address and my client\’s customer is charged.
3) An order confirmation is sent to my client\’s customer via API
4) When dispatched my client\’s customer is sent shipping information via API
5) If certain products need re-ordering at a later date for the end customer (e.g: consumables) this can be done via the API.

My questions are:
1) Is this possible?
2) Are there any security issues that we need to be aware of?
3) What information will I require from my client\’s customer in order to make this happen?

If anybody can point me in the right direction, give me a rough estimate, or pose some more questions that\’d be great. The job\’s going to go ahead and we\’re definitely looking for a developer for the task but if someone can de-mistify the process and remove some of the \’voodoo\’ from it i\’d appreciate it.


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