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more then one price per product
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Hello all!

I recently finished working for a customer who wanted to have two websites with 3 regions (stores) on single magento install, and each store with 6 languages (views)… It all went good more or less smile ...developing a mas90 export module was a big pain in the butt! Also magentos quirks had it’s influence in making me run away from future magento jobs, unless they are single store solutions, basic stuff -_- never again will I accept a job that requires magentos multi store functionality! Never! it’s beyond me why is store location on website scope and not on store scope or at least view scope… that was easy to hack by changing some xml file but stuff like this drives you nuts!

Anyway, now the request is to have same SKU for items whose price will vary from region to region… so some product should have different price in Europe then same product in USA do. But not to scale the price by fixed %… the difference in price varies from product to product. So what should I do? In Magento price can not be assigned on a lower then website scope(in your face! Multi store functionality). I thought of exporting all products (900 of them) then adding eu to the end of each sku, change the prices and categories (so they are shown only in EU categories) and import them again, but like I said… SKUs for some reason need to remain the same.

I took a look at the database (eav_attribute table)… has anyone tried hacking this? I’m thinking of trying to patch something up this weekend, or maybe tomorrow. Does anyone has any suggestions regarding this? Or better yet is it worth the effort or should I just separate EU region (store) to a whole new website… I actually presented this as one of possibilities to the customer and was surprised that he said, if nothing else do it that way, as having one backend for 6 (2 websites x 3 stores) stores is one of the reasons why we chose magento in the first place :( poor bastard just wants this done I guess…


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The issue is that you want 2 tables in the DB with the same name.  What you can do is set the catalog product to a single website rather than global.....or change the SKU attribute to “Not Required”, and create a new one that is called “Sku” or “Catalog #”...etc - - - - and then make it “per store” rather than “Global”

That’s just a few ideas...hope this helps.

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