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Google Base Attribute Problem
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I understand that there’s a lot of problems with Magento’s Google Base integration, however I’m encountering a problem I’m not able to find on the forums.

When I try to map attributes, I select “United Kingdom”, and “Default” as the attributes set. I select “Products” as the Google Base item type. But then, when I click on “Add New Attribute”, nothing happens.

Thinking it might be a Javascript error, I’ve tried on Firefox 3, IE6 and Google Chrome but all have the same issue.

I’ve entered my Google Base details into the Config section and I’m pretty sure they’re correct. I’m using Magento

Is anyone able to shed some light onto this?


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Pacific Northwest

I was having the same trouble. I’m using and have tried it in Firefox and Safari on the Mac. Nothing happened when I clicked “Add New Attribute.”

I opened the Error Console in Firefox and cleared it.

I went into Admin > Catalog > Google Base > Manage Attributes

I clicked on one of the mappings I want to edit.

The Error Console showed an error on the loading of the page:
Error: missing ; before statement
The source file is /index.php/googlebase/types/edit/id/2/
The context of the line pointed to a place in one of my attributes that has an “’s” in its name

I went to Admin > Catalog > Attributes > Manage Attributes and replaced any ‘ in the Attribute Label with


I went back to Admin > Catalog > Google Base > Manage Attributes and clicked on a mapping to edit.

There was no error on page load and when I clicked “Add New Attribute” it worked.

So, the lesson here is, don’t have a ‘ in your Attribute Labels.

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