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Recurring Payments
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Since this is not implemented into Magento :( ??

I am trying to implement recurring payments into a shopping cart and need a bit of help on this, the payment gateway is no problem at all.
The thing that I am having trouble with is as follows.

When a customer goes to enter their Credit Card information I need to be able to

1. Check how many products are in the users shopping cart.
2. If the customer has only one item check the products attribute and verify if it is allowed to have recurring payments.
3. If the product is able to have recurring payments.
A. Display a checkbox to display a recurring payment option
B. Get the total price of the product + shipping and display the correct recurring payment information.

Anyone know how i would go about doing this?

I know all the files that contain the templates for the layouts, its just a matter of figuring out Magento’s overwhelmingly complex class and method setup and getting the information

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