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One of the automated emails doesn’t work
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Hello everybody, I’m nor sure if this is the proper place for this question, so excuse me i I post this in the wrong place. Feel free to move it to where it belongs.

I got a problem with my stores automatic emails. Most of them are working just fine, but at least one of them isn’t doing its job and I don’t know how to fix that. The one I am talkin about is the “Newsletter activation confirmation” (or something along those lines). I want that the user who signs up for the newsletter gets a confirmation email that he signed onto the mailing list. And I want a copy of that email to be send to the owner of the site. But my store doesn’t send this email and I don’t know why? I configured everything like it should be (see screenshot), so where is the mistake?
How should I go about? What can I do?

I hope somebody around here can help me with that problenm! Thanks in advance for your help!!!!

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