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Multi-stores : Is it possible to have more than 200 or 500 stores on 1 single Magento installation ? 
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I have an e-commerce project which implies the creation of several hundreds of online shops, gradually and most flexibly possible.

I have several questions with regard to this project :

1/ First of all, Magento seems to you to be the adapted tool for such a project ?

2/ Can a single installation of Magento allow the creation of a number so important of shops?
What is the maximum number for a single installation ?

3/ What technical resources will be necessary so that these hundreds of shops can work correctly, supposing that each will not exceed 1000 visits / day? (I heard that Magento was greedy in resources, and I have no solid knowledge in hosting)

Thanks for all, and don’t hesitate to ask me more informations if you need it to help me....


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Your best idea is to install a demo store then add a new shop front with the theme as needed for the new shop front. Then decide whether you want to do hundreds of them. I assume each store shares the same products? I assume the URL’s are going to be apache virtual hosts?

Magento is a resource hog. You can distribute the project on different servers, with one MySQL database running on a seperate quad-xeon server to your farm of httpd servers. The images can also come from a varnish front end to the server(s) and be processed by a different host.

Do some tests of your own on how easy it is to add new shop fronts.

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