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How to Run Email Marekting Campaigns with Magento / Open Source Extensions
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Hi All,

I know there have been some discussion on other posts regarding email marketing, but there has not really been any definitive on the system capabilities of Magento for email marketing, or any open source / good value extensions or software that integrates with Magento.

Basically does Magento itself have the functionality for:

Categorising customers based on their product purchases / spend levels etc..
Autoresponding emails to customers from different groups, i.e. customers who purchased x get emailed y.  Customers who had x on their wishlist are emailed y.....etc…

Are there any extensions that suit these needs currently available?

I have seen how much some of the other companies charge (i.e. campaign monitor) and for operations that aren’t so large this is a cost that is not easily absorbed.

I like MailChimp, however am not sure how this integrates with Magento in order to sort customers into various groups etc..?  Also whether if someone subscribes on the site they are automatically subscribed in the email marketing program?

Any help on this greatly appreciated!

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no integration with mailchimp that ive seen yet. But there is an extension they have added to track click throughs.

There is no reason you could not setup in mail chimp the core fields that are exported from the suscribers section of magento. You could in theory just use the customer export dataflow csv file. pull out the field you dont need and load this into mailchimp

in regards to the subscription process. Nothing exists. Mailchimp does have the ability to build custom registration pages that can capture certain customer interests. that are store in their db.

You could i suppose tag that onto the standard magento registration page. i havent tried it, but i suppose this could be done..

btw i use mailchimp for basic mailing. It seems to have a lot a good points for keeping it simple.


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