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Working with Bar Code, and order preparation assistant
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I would like to work with bar codes for my store in this way :

1 - Printing all the new (unprinted) orders invoices for preparation of the day
2 - Preparing the products
3 - Flashing (Bar Code Reader) the invoice to get the order on screen
4 - Flashing (Bar Code Reader) each prepared product (that will validate each product line on the order list, and prevent any error)
5 - When the last product has been flashed, the preparation assistant proposes to flash the Bar Code from the shipping label, to get the tracking number
6 - It proposes to confirm, by flashing again any bar code. It validates by itself the selected status in configuration

About the configutation of this assistant :

- Select the status that the assistant will validate (pending, complete / shipped)
- Select simple mode, or product verification mode (see below)
- Entering or not the tracking number (maybe some people doesn’t need to flash it)

I propose two modes for this assistant :

- Product verification mode : as I described above, flashing each product to validate on the order list
- Simple mode : no product verification. Only : 1-Printing the invoices, 3-Flashing the invoice number, 5-Asking (if choosen) for the tracking number, 6-Confirm

The main idea is not to use mouse or keyboard when validating all the orders of the day, to save time.

What it means :

- Possibility to add a bar code number on each product
- Printable bar code (ex : code 128) next to invoice number. Maybe optional in configuration.

- Step 1 : Possibility to choose the invoices to print : by ticking one per one, or selected all yet unprinted invoices, and then batch printing.
- Steps 3, 4, 5 : Possibility to rectify when flashing (wrong invoice number, wrong tracking number for example)

Thank you for all, and I hope you could do that

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It would be very nice to have on a basic level the option to batch print pending/processing invoices and to have a barcode on the invoice encoded with the orderid.  The barcode option could be turned on or off from configuration.

Currently for our OSC store we have a barcode on every invoice, so when we are ready to ship the order we place it on the scale open up shipping program and scan the barcode.  The shipping software processes the shipment and spits our the label, it then postsback to our DB.  We have a CRON script that runs to see that postback info and to update the order from processing to shipped and sends out the shipment confirmation email.

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