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Custom Product fields
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I have a need to add some fields to each product page.  There will be about 4 additional on each product.  In one case there will be two links available for the product.  Each link will point to a different document.  Depending on which Customer Group the person is in they should see a different link.  So link1 and link2 should never be visible to all customers.  only the admin should be able to see everything.  Depending on which Customer group the person belongs to that person should see one of the two links but not both.

A second part of this topic is.

I need to create some fields on the product page that only the admin can see. Never should anyone other than the admins see the fields for the products.

I know I can create an attribute but I did not feel that this would serve my purpose.  Maybe I am wrong.

So to recap…
On a product link1 should be visible to Customer group 1 and
link2 should be visible to Customer group2.

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