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Best way to get custom product images (or the path)
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Joined:  2008-10-23


i try to find out how to get my custom images from the default attribute set.
first i tried the catalog/image helper but the $this->helper(catalog/image)->init($product, $attributename) sets this product so that it is not possible to use this in a kind of product-image list.

next step (which works better) was to use simply the attribute name as function: $product->getMyCustomImage().
but this url is relative to the media/catalog/product path.

so i had to build my path hardcoded which is very bad (../../media/catalog...)
if now i set off the store names in the url it does not work anymore.

Is there another, even better way to get this images or any function to get the hole path for that path snippet ?

Would be great if anybody has an answer.

Greets olli

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