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Configurable Products
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Hi does anyone know how you would create two configurable products that link to each other

My products come in various colours which I want all colours to be displayed

so for example the store would show

each of these products would have a different size attribute atacthed to them

When the customer clicks on say

and wants to change the colour from the drop down attribute they are taken from to

or what every color they pick

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Hi there,

I guess it will be more comfortable for you as store owner and for your clients to have 1 main configurable product with drop-downs where client will select color and then size available.
For example, you have color T-Shirt in 3 colors - blue, white and yellow. You have to create 1 main configurable products and assign to it in Associated Tab 3 simple products - T-Shirt White, T-Shirt Blue, T-Shirt Yellow. From your client’s side it will be one product with drop-down for color. The same will be good if you have variation of size. In this case you will need to create unique combinations of size and colors and assign those simple products to main configurable.

Your simple products can be sold also separately and as a part of configurable product. I mean that shopper might come across product T-Shirt Yellow and buy it or open Product T-Shirt, select yellow color (from the offered) and then make a purchase.

In case this scenario suits you, you can find out more on the process of configurable products creation watching the webinar in my signature.

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Please check out the following extensions that should help you to solve your problem.

AITOC Product Matrix enables admin to create and edit configurable products with TWO attributes in a convenient matrix form, where admin can specify configuration for each simple associated product. It creates a matrix where admin can specify simple associated product’s configuration: name, price, SKU, weight, availability, quantity, visibility and status.

If you need to work with configurable products with ANY number of attributes please check out AITOC Configurable Products Pro extension.

These are the must-have extensions that will save you a lot of time and effort. You can play around with the demo to get a better idea on how it works.

Thank you,

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