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Missing very important capability for templates! 
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Joined:  2008-02-15

We are just new to magento, and got the Magento 0.8.16100 version up and running in our WINDOWS-based development environment. (After overcomimg the notorious pdo-mysql problem...)

First I would like to say, that magento looks very, very promising! It really has the power to sweep away all other open source eCommerce systems, and not only open source ones! (The PHP-code alone is fun looking at, compared to other systems!)

We are template designers in germany for xtCommerce, olCommerce, wordpress (with tight wordpress/shop integration) (, so our biggest interest currently is of course the templating system employed by magento.

Well, it is totally different from anything we have seen so far, so we need to really look into that in much more detail.

But after an initial browsing thru the designers guide and the demoshop (with firebug) we sure do miss one very important feature in the templating system:

language dependant graphics for the front end! (a feature which xtCommerce e.g., did not have either...)

What this means is, that the graphics for the front end should be loaded from a language specific image directory, instead of just a common an image directory…

If you e.g. look at the teaser graphic in the middle content area of the demo-shop, its URL is


where ist should be something like


because if you change the language, you need different graphis!

Might well be that we just miss the point still, but just in case we are right, we wanted to point that out early on…

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the images aren’t loaded from a common image directory. they’re loaded from a specific theme directory (in the case of a default install, the theme is just called /default). you are welcome to create another theme with specific language images.

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New Zealand

I Think they Have Power Template

go app/skin/frontend/your_theme_interface/your_theme

or for default

go app/skin/frontend/default/default/german/images

Hey get on board we could still use a hand here and pointing things like that out make us all think

I personally am enjoying Magento and have started to make some head way thanks to the forum
it is slow at the Moment but the more we post the more we learn

Regards Bill007 web design and development

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