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Daily Sales Summary Email System, Trigger-based alerts for order spikes and error messages
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Joined:  2012-11-29
Boulder, CO

There’s a new extension in Magento Connect called Watchdog, where you can easily set up daily sales summary emails, that include sales totals, sales orders, bestselling products, abandoned carts, coupons used, and customers created. Watchdog reads directly from the Magento database, and allows you to know actual daily sales (instead of what has been invoiced).

Watchdog can send individual reports per store, or can aggregate the sales information across multiple storefronts. You can choose which person receives which reports. Watchdog trigger alerts allow you to have the system alert you via email if your store receives more than 50 orders in a short period of time.

Or, Watchdog can email you if the store receives less than 2 orders in twelve hours, for example. Finally, Watchdog has deep Magento error reporting, and will let you know when there are errors on your Magento store.

Watchdog is a free, easy-to-install Magento extension and works with Magento Community 1.5, 1.6, 1.7; Magento Enterprise 1.10, 1.11, 1.12.

Link to Watchdog in Magento Connect:

Link to more information at Watchdog at Customer Paradigm:

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