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Product Options Custom Calculations: Adjusting product price option based on previously selected product option
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San Diego, CA

Hi All,

We’ve come across a scenario that I believe others, if they haven’t already, will come across in the future. Thus, we wanted to write about it to gather community thoughts on the best approach. Here it is…

We’ve got a client who sells printing, and sell different kinds of quantities per print type. They have other variables that the customer needs to choose when purchasing a “print product” - such as paper type.

Thus, we have the following:
+ 1 Print Product (Card)
+ A Quantity option for the customer
+ A paper type option (price needs to adjust based on quantity amount)

We took a look at using attributes, attribute sets, and different product configurations to make this work, and we also looked at the approach of just making a simple product with these two product options (quantity, paper type).

When the user selects quantity, a corresponding price for Paper Type needs to be adjusted. For instance, if quantity is 500, the paper type option could be Paper Type X at $50. If the quantity was raised to 1000, then the Paper Type X would be $100.
The Price Option would only update the prices in the Paper Type Option. In turn, the customer could select the Paper Type Option with the updated prices and then effect the overall product price based on the selection.

This is a simple example of the dependency we need for one product option to have on another. We’ll eventually use an array for different variations with multiple dependencies.

Any thoughts here on “best practices” that the community can offer? Let’s put our efforts together to determine the best practice/solution - using as much of the native Magento platform as possible, existing community/commercial extensions, and custom coding whatever is needed (whether it be using an event observer, etc.)

Thanks, and we look forward to the responses…

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Chicago area

I am interested in this as well. I have a printer website to build, and product variables would include things like:

What type of product - business cards, letterhead, postcards, etc.
Paper size - 8.5x11, 4x6, etc
Paper type - 100lb gloss, 80lb gloss, cover, etc
Paper Coating - UV coating or no
# of colors - 4/0, 4/1, 4/4, etc
Turn time

There are, as you can see, a lot of variables. I’m up for using Magento because I’ve done a couple sites now, but there are so many different options I don’t know if it’s the right choice, and that maybe a specific e-com for printers solution is the way to go.


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Columbus, Ohio

I found this blog post, which I think does a pretty good job of describing one way of solving this problem:

I haven’t tried it yet but am finding myself in a similar situation. Will let you know if it works out for me.

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Use tier pricing to solve your problem.

See attached image.

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