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HELP - CMS pages url is wrong (not based on site base_url) and differ according to view
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I inherited a magento website with 5 different views (so I have no knowledge of any funny configuration or change that might have been made in the past). It consists in a live environment ( and a test environment hosted as a subdomain (, both environment having their own files and DB of course. The base_url of each environment points to each domain and subdomain ("" and “").

And the 2 following problems:

- On the test website, all CMS pages appear to use the wrong base_url: so on rendering, the link to the page appears as… (pointing to the production website) instead of the test website (I would expect I checked the database (table core_config_data) and the base_url are correct, and flushed the cache;

- even stranger: the 5 views are used for 5 different languages but share some CMS content; the same CMS page shared by the 5 views got a plain wrong url ( - missing the /index.php/en/ path) for 1 of the 5 views, resulting in a 404 error. It really is the same CMS page enabled for all 5 views.

I should mention that all CMS are “normally” defined in the CMS/Pages section of the backend (with “url key” parameter simply defined as “cmsPagename” ) and that I have no similar problems with any other page (product view etc)

=> do you see a mistake in my config above that could explain the problem?
=> do you know any alternative variable that could override the base_url for CMS pages. Or another mechanism that could?
=> do you any variable that could impact the CMS url for a given view? Or another mechanism that could?

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