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SSL Issue:  Some content not loading
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2012-12-26

Using Community Edition V

I set everything up and had no problem installing it, adding products, creating my content, and creating my theme.  Now, I set up my SSL certificate and set it all up properly through the admin config > Secure Pages…

Im running several tests and sure enough, everything is functioning properly but on secure pages, my Fonts dont load.  The CSS files are formatting the page correctly (styles, colors, layout, etc) but the fonts aren\’t loading!  Im not using Google fonts or any 3rd party hosted fonts.  The fonts are in the fonts folder where they should be. 

Any ideas?/?  I’ve spent hours on this and got nowhere :-( .  I confirmed that my SSL certificate is set up properly, the server is handling all requests properly, but for whatever reason, none of my fonts are loading on a secure page.

See here:
Add a product to cart and then click on CHECKOUT to get into a secure page.  You\’ll see the fonts get lost.

Any ideas??? Please help!

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