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Hi, I need one information.

In my store, I would like to set up a promotion with a coupon in which for those users who buy for example 5 pieces of the same product configurable, 1 piece is free (attention, it could be 5 different product simple but refering to the same configurable product, for example same item of gloves but in different colors).
Note that the promotion could be valid for more than one product, maybe all products in a certain cathegory.

- Glove art.XXX = 5 pieces (4 pay, 1 free)
- T-shirt art YYY = 5 pieces (4 pay, 1 free)
- Socks art ZZZ = 5 pieces (4 pay, 1 free)

The user can decide if he wants to buy 1 article or 2 or 3, the promotion will be valid for the artcle bought.

Is this possible?


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