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Priacta free Mangeto Post Affiliate Pro module installed - but it does not record sales? 
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Joined:  2012-08-27

Hi there,

First off, thanks for offering this module for free & supporting it. A quite impressive feat :)

I however have the problem that the module does not track the sales, and I am basically not sure if it has established connection to PAP or not?

- I’ve installed the module with no problems (that I am aware of) on Magento

- I’ve entered the API username/password/domain/install-directory information under the configuration.

- I’ve then done a test banner from the merchant-login above, and displayed this via another affilate-account on another site. I’ve clicked it in other browser.

- The view & click from this banner is correctly registered under the affilate (so that part works), but when I then complete a purchase I get no registration of that purchase in the affilate’s dashboard.

- I’ve also checked “/index.php/pap/adminhtml_pap/checkconfig/” which says: “The Post Affiliate Pro Connector is ready for use.” and did never report any error.

However, if I then manually try to “Connect Affiliate To Order” to an affilate email, then I am told that “No affiliate with this email address”.

Is there any way for me to <b>really</b> verify if the module is correctly connecting to the PAP installation?

Thanks :)

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It is totally possible for your problem. You could easily manage and moderate your Affiliate program with this module. Also, this module supports various ways to refer friends: Banner, Link, Email, Social networks, Coupon, Widget, Tier commission and Pay Per Lead. You could learn more on our Affiliate+ store: and

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