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Automatically-Generated URL Key for Category Problem
Jr. Member
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I have done the re-indexing of my URL re-directs already. I was concerned because I was new to the web scene and didn’t know what to do to fix all of these dead links I now created because everything had -1 on it.

I backed up the old re-directs and truncated the core table as you said, and now my only problem is the site had old links using the “.html” tag at the end of each link, but now with all URL’s having no .html for my adwords and many other SEO links we have built since then, the main goal was to try and create a link for both “domain/product” and “domain/product.html” to link to both the same page. Either with or without the .html.

I think I will just have to give it time for Google bots to re-crawl and just weed out the errors. I was just hoping to keep our SEO cause we’ve seen a bit of site traffic drop due to this.

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