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[RESOLVED] Reset Filter in Admin Will Not Work After RewriteBase is Changed in .htaccess
Sweet Tooth
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Joined:  2008-02-02

After installing Magento and changing the RewriteBase url to something other that ‘/magento/’, the “ResetFilter” button for all grids in the Admin panel stopped working.  Basically, the ajax calls for an empty filter and the resulting url is something like: http://localhost/some_folder/index.php/admin/catalog_category/grid/store/0/id/12/filter//?ajax=true&isAjax;=1
Notice the invalid “//” after the filter.

By having two completely separate installs of magento I’ve been able to locate the problem and fix it.  It seems that when the RewriteBase is ‘/magento/’ in the primary .htaccess file, or when the rewrite base is not set, the magento (extjs?) JavaScript grid recognizes the abundance of “/” and replaces the problem.  However, this is not the case when the primary rewrite base is set to “/some_folder/” for example.

Consider the following code, located as a prototype method for the Grid class:

addVarToUrl : function(varNamevarValue){
var re = new RegExp('\/('+varName+'\/.*?\/)');
parts this.url.split(new RegExp('\\?'));
this.url parts[0].replace(re'/');
this.url+= varName+'/'+varValue+'/';
.url+= '?' parts[1];
.url this.url.replace(/([^:])\/{2,}/g'$1/'); // << -- make sure this line is here to solve the issue.
return this.url;

I hope this helps someone…

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