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Aaah! Magento doesn’t send any e-mail! 
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It’s driving me mad. Magento doesn’t send any e-mail. Not the sale confirmation, not the newsletter confirmation, nothing nothing.
A strange thing: I’ve installed the SMTP Pro extension. And all tests of the extension succeeded. So I recieve all test e-mails.

In the e-mail-log of Magento, the only sent mails are the test mails of SMTP Pro and not the sale confirmation for example.

The newsletter subscribers and sales are all correct in the back end. So there is a strange bug wich stops all outgoing mails.

Does anyone know what I can do? Can I re-install some files of Magento may be?

Thanks a lot!!

The Netherlands

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Boulder, CO

I would try to make sure that the email address you are using to send from (i.e. matches the domain name (i.e. of the Magento site. 

If you’re trying to send from a yahoo, hotmail, gmail or other web-based email address, most spam filters will reject this when it’s sent.

I’d also make sure that you have a valid PTR record for the IP address of the server, using a domain name that matches the name of the site; also add in an SPF record that allows the server to send out mail on behalf of the organization.

Oh, make sure the IP address of the server isn’t blacklisted, too… (do a quick search to find a site that will do this).

Most email from Magento is sent out via SendMail, so I would also check with you hosting company as well.

Hope this helps!
-- Jeff

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