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Create new Product via Import
Matthias Laug
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Joined:  2009-02-28

Hello everybody,

I am kind of new to Magento, but sure no beginner in PHP. Still Magento is going to kill me smile
I want to create an import function so that I can import products based on an csv/excel list.

The Module is set up with a form to upload the file. Now I need to process it. But I cannot find a hint how to create configurables/simples based on php code.

I can create a instance of an model and save it by using the following code

$model Mage::getModel('catalog/product');
// [...] no idea what to do in between here

What kind of data in that array is needed? Where can I find those informationen on how to create the correct?

Thanks for any help of forumlinks (did not find anything searching the forum, so far)


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