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Can Magento Do…. 
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Kindly let me know how extent magento supports the below points.....

1.Ability for the product to be accessed over LAN, WAN, Internet, Wireless network
2.Ability for the product and its various components to support externally hosted model
3.Does the product support vertical and horizontal scalability? Where possible, please list individual modules or components of the product that support one or both scalability models.
4.Ability for the product to provide debugging support on all platforms
5.Ability for the product to provide services/interfaces to support integration (in-bound/out-bound) with internal/external applications and
third party software, including portals/exchanges and standard integration broker
6.What is the expected operation on failure of interacting with external systems and services?
7.Ability for the product to support integration with other enterprise systems (e.g. JDA Promoplanner) and legacy systems to retrieve data during the Creation, Submission, and Review of Proposals/Promotions
8.Ability to integrate with Vertis Communications for online ad publication
9.Does the product support Integrity Check for Data (CRC Check) during data transmission?
10.Are retail industry standard models being followed (e.g. ARTS)? Please list as applicable.
11.Ability to be hosted offsite. Is there a “business continuity plan” available?
12.Ability for the product to be bundled with any scheduler
13.Ability for the product to support administration via CA ESP Workload Automation?
14.Ability to provide Business Intelligence capability and RFM analysis capability?


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Well said, sister!

This is the silliest request I have seen on the forums yet!

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