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Is Magento a good solution for us? 
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We are considering swapping all our e-commerce stuff over to Magento, and before finalizing the decision I wanted to post here to see if anyone could give any additional insight into if Magento would be the way for us to go, or if we should continue our search elsewhere. I’ve been reading through the forums here and documentation the past week to see if Magento “fits” what we need and what we want, and for the most part it seems to..

We currently use 1shoppingcart, and would really just like to have everything on our own server, with more flexibility. We use usaepay as our gateway.

Some of the key features we were looking for:

Multiple “stores”, so each domain has it’s own unique looking cart, which magento seems to have.

Some sort of recurring payment functioning. We use this in 1shoppingcart for a few of our “payment plans”, and searching this site it seems Magento currently doesn’t have this built in, but it’s on the roadmap. Would it be difficult to implement this ourselves via usaepay?

Email functionality… I’ve not seen too too much regarding what Magento can do with this. When someone purchases, I assume we have the ability to send out any emails/newsletters and such to them in the future? We heavily use 1SC’s autoresponders based off of what a client purchases, and also direct marketing for product specific buyers. I’m just not sure what all in the way of automatic emails and direct bulk blasts Magento can do (either core or via extensions)

We plan to use this as simply a cart. Our sites are typically set up in a CMS, and we use html links that link to products and add them to the cart and send the user to the cart to checkout. I did find a writeup on here on how to do this, so I believe Magento will be ok for this use? We may eventually move full sites into the Magento CMS, but certainly not right away.

We are interested in using 3D secure, which usaepay offers via cardinal commerce. I’ve found a few posts regarding this, and am not sure if this is doable yet or will be in the future. Anyone have any additional info on the possibility of this?

Is it possible to customize so that users must signup and fill out a questionnaire before purchase (all part of a single process) and what kind of abandoned cart features does Magento have? I see we can see stats on it, but if we require email addresses to purchase, can we send emails to folks who abandon?

We have membership sites with amember. Is there anyway to integrate them together? I saw amember added integration, but then read that it certainly wasn’t what people had expected and someone had been working on a better integration?

We do have a long list of what we’d like to find “out of the box”, but the possibility to develop and expand/customize it is pretty darn nice as well. Anyone have any input if Magento would be the right direction for us and if any of the above would be possible? Any responses would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Magento is the best eCommerce solution out there but the things you ask about would require lots of customization.
I hope that helps…

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