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?___store=french is being added to links generated by magento…
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Joined:  2008-12-20

Check out

this is my site.  in the middle I have created a cms static block with a link to a cms page that I created for the NXT overview information which is still in the works.

A couple things.  First of all this static block is not viewable if I go to the category above and use the shopping options to view that category.

Another annoying little problem that happens here and a few other random places in the site is that I get the /?___store=french after the URL for some reason.


1.  How do I get the static block to view when a customer clicks on shopping options rather than the upper directory from the nav bar to NXT systems?

2.  How do I ensure magento does not automatically add that annoying ?___store=french at the end of the URL?

For now my site is only english but may wish to translate to other languages.  I tried at one time in past to delete all stores except english and that caused BIG problems with other functions of magento so I left those in there.

Any help is much appreciated.

- David

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