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How to use location hash property / anchor portion of a URL, designing in Magento 1.7?? 
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Soon I will launch the production of my Magento installallation. I am running a parallel test installation - just to ensure that all I design is correct before I move it to the production environment.

Still I fight a few issues that I have not managed to solve yet. Let me show by example, what I mean. If you code in HTML5 you may use anchors in your code.

You may use these code lines:

<a href="#n0">Company Information</a>
label>Her are more code lines</label>
h1 id="n0">Company Information</h1>
div>Description of the company</div>

If you click the resulting line of the first code line, you will be guided to the position in the same document where last code line is situated. I have entered these lines into a CMS-page.

I want to code as much as possible in full compliance with the Magento conding standards - so therefore, are there any available Magento coding techniques providing the same result and without using javascript / jQuery? Can I use a Widget for that purpose? Can I code it in CMS?

I want to link from another Magento document into an anchored position in my CMS-page.

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