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SymLinksIfOwnerMatch in .htaccess ?? 
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I have a Magento website and I use hosting panel: Virtualmin! I do not want to change it, but as you know Virtualmin doesn\’t work (500 ERROR) with FollowSymLinks which is in the .htaccess ;(

I know, I can change it to: SymLinksIfOwnerMatch, but there as some security issues ;( Do security issues affect the Magento or Virtualmin?

I have a dedicated server with 1 admin only, so the others can not log in into Virtualmin panel.

The most important think is having a secured Magento.

Is safe using the SymLinksIfOwnerMatch instead FollowSymLinks??

What should I do: Should I change option into: SymLinksIfOwnerMatch or replace Virtualmin.....

Please advice

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It is best practice to segregate the user accounts for your various applications, so changing the settings that affect Virtualmin would not affect your Magento store, and vice-versa. If you are running all of your applications with the same user account and/or the same web server, then there are likely to be security risks that are much greater than those that might follow from a tweak to your .htaccess file. If you set up Virtualmin and Magento in separate chroot jails and run them with separate user accounts, then you wouldn’t have to worry about side effects of one change on the other’s functionality.

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