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Magento SalesForce Connect: A Powerful Sales Solution
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Joined:  2011-10-31
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Integrating Magento with Salesforce CRM is one of the best ways to increase your sales by great numbers. Satisfied customers are what your company strives to achieve because they are the driving force behind successful sales. When you integrate Magento with Salesforce CRM, you can increase the transfer of data between systems, allowing your customer service to reach new heights. Salesforce CRM will allow you to offer promotions, discounts and various other offers that will effectively increase your traffic and sales.

There are many features you could benefit from with i95Dev Magento SalesForce Connect:

Mapping Configuration between:
Account fields in SalesForce with Customer Attributes in Magento
Product Fields in SalesForce with Product Attributes in Magento
Leads Fields in SalesForce with Contact Us Attributes in Magento

Communication of:
Products in Magento sent to SalesForce as Products
Product Price in Magento sent to Standard Price in SalesForce
Magento Admin New Customers sent to Accounts in SalesForce
Magento Front End New Customers to Accounts in SalesForce
Magento Cart Page New Customers to Accounts in SalesForce
Magento Contact Us Form Data to Leads in SalesForce

Ability to:
Set empty options fields for all fields, including Accounts, Products and Leads, with the exception of required fields
Update products from Magento to SalesForce
Update customers from Magento to SalesForce

Trial Version
For a limited time, i95Dev is offering a free trial of the Magento-Salesforce Connect so you can experience the benefits at no cost smile

For more information on this product, Contact i95Dev experts at 1-301-760-7499

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