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Use Store Locator to display store location on the map
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Store Locator is a great module for online merchants who have physical stores, service centers or warehouses. Now you can display their location on the map and make it easy for customers to find it.


Quick store location defining
The extension allows administrator to set up store location by the following data: country, city, and address. If the information is given, the location of the shop will be automatically detected on the map. Moreover, some additional store parameters such as telephone, postal/zip code, and region can be specified too.

Ability to use Google Maps Api Key
With the Store Locator module, you can get Api key and use it if your map loads are more than 25K per day.

Map and Satellite views are supported
Both you and your clients can view store location in any favorable mood.

Add URL to the Top Magento Links
Show store locations URL among top Magento links to help your visitors to find locations immediately .

User-friendly URL of the store locations page
The extension allows you to create a user-friendly URL of the page where all locations are displayed.

Use static block on the CMS page
Add any static blocks on the store locations page to suite your site design more.

Prioritize store locations
Set the priority of each store to be displayed in the frontend. Location with the greatest priority appears firstly after a visitor opens the page.

Store location images
Show images of the store in the locations list and on the map for easier navigation.

Define description of any location
You can specify description of any location, so when a visitor clicks the icon of the location, additional information appears.

Multistore support

See description and screenshots =>

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Magento Store Locator extension helps store owner better convert 41% visitors by creating a page showing information of all physical stores:

Magento Store Locator extension uses Google Maps to locate store’s address
Customers are able to search for their desired store by city/country, tags or within some distance (by radius), etc.
Easily import or set up multiple store locations by many parameters

You have multiple physical stores and don’t know how to give your Customers chances to select their closest one? If so, no need to look any further as our Magento Store Locator extension is exactly the right solution for you. With this extension, Customers can locate the most convenient store, such as the one within 5 kilometers of their homes for instance, as well as see the store’s details such as address, contact number or description. In particular, Magento Store Locator extension can help promote your stores by impressing Customers with attractive images. Also, your Customers would certainly feel more satisfied as they can view and give Facebook comments on the store.

Magento Store Locator extension of Magestore help increase conversion rate up to 41%. See more in this interview with Mr. Jonathn, president of WAX Watches, USA.

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I also contribute a very useful article: Five tips for building a better store locator. Hope that it give you useful information.
Magento Store Locator

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