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Help me for Ca$h - How to make a database table with specific information after a purchase. 
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Hi there - I posted this job in the job board section - this I hope could be a quick one for some one and you’ll get paid for it too.

e need to have Magento output from a product purchased on the front end to write key information to a MySQL table in a database.

The sequences are this :

CASE 1 :
1. User goes to the site, selects the item and goes to check out
2. User enters Coupon code in the Coupon field and pays with credit card
3. When the purchase is completed - Your code creates a row in the MySQL table as instructed bellow.

The Table called “myaccess” can be on the same database as the existing Magento - it needs the following fields and data -

Table Fields :

1. ID (INT auto increment)

2. username : (VarChar 128 - the username of the buyer, this is their email address)

3. password : (HASH the password of the buyer - in Hash 5D, same as their Magento password)*

4. product_SKU : (VarChar 128 - the product SKU that they completed in purchasing - - as specified in Magento Product SKU )**

5. coupon : (VarChar 128 - the product ‘Coupon code’ that was entered by the buyer when purchasing - String - as specified in Magento / Admin / Promotion / Shopping Cart Rules / Add Rule / ‘Coupon code’)

6. access : VarChar 128 - DEFAULT STING VALUE = “temp"(a String value that we can define ourselves, this will always be the same)

* the user needs to always create an account - so you need to provide instructions to remove ‘Checkout as Guest’ from the Checkout method.

** if the user purchases multiple products, then 1 row is created per product SKU purchased.

That’s it.

You’ll need to do this on your sever and show us that its working and then provide us the files that make it happen on our server(we will make the changes to our server, ourselves)


we need this code completed in a simple way to add it to our site - you will need to provide the changes to any files and instructions, if you can wrap it into a component great, if its hacking a few of the Magento files then we are using the Default/default template

If you can help me do this very quickly - I’m happy to pay. There is another very similar task to do with a URL being created instead of the table and I’m happy to pay for that too.

Either post here or email me at - I’m in GMT so off to bed now, but back in 8 hours!

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